Plan Rollover: Frustrating or Smooth?

For health plans and PBMs, plan rollover can seem an insurmountable task. Plan year 2017 brought on an onslaught of new government regulations that didn’t help matters. “This new coverage year brought a particularly challenging set of implementation requirements. A lot of innovation was required to ease the burden on our clients,” explains ABG Communication’s President / COO, Dan Ablett.

In response, ABG Communications developed BridgeSuite™ to take some of the madness out of the season. Recently a representative at a PBM commented, this has been one of the PBM's smoothest rollover seasons as a result of using BridgeSuite™.

“To remain competitive, more and more PBMs need centralized platforms that anticipate health plan team’s communications challenges. In compliance with government regulations and audits, health plans want to run quality initiatives, marketing, and Medicare communications all from a single platform. Call centers as well as audit stakeholders are looking at the exact same database. From an efficiency perspective, it just makes sense,” comments Valerie Cobb, VP of Business Development, ABG Communications. “We are happy to be a part of assisting the health care community with their challenges.”

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Source: ABG Communications


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