PBM Receives High Marks on CMS Audit

Today, ABG received high marks for tools and timeliness for delivery of nearly 1 million Medicare Part D EOBs, as well as TLs and PTLs, from a PBM, during a CMS audit. “Assisting them with compliance to these very time sensitive communications, is a huge win. We have enjoyed our relationship with them for many years,” explains Valerie Cobb VP of Business Development, “all our PBMs indicate CMS audits are on the rise, ABG Communications invests in process and fulfillment innovations to ensure better outcomes for all parties involved.“

ABG Communications is a fully HIPAA compliant technology-enabled service organization optimizing member-patient fulfillment communications. Through our unique blend of industry expertise, dedicated employees, digital technologies, and web-based solutions, we’ve become trusted business process advisers enhancing the performance of our clients’ critical compliant or consumer driven communications. Whether governed by HEDIS™, quality, Star, preventative and wellness measures or marketing to those valued members, ABG's innovative BridgeSuite™ workflow platform combined with a full production facility adds layers of security when employing multi-modal delivery and archival options keeping you compliant while reducing traditionally expensive output methodologies.

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Source: ABG Communications