Explore Best Practices for CRC FIT Outreach Communications in Support of Increasing Outcomes Effectiveness

Healthcare Member/Patient Fulfillment Communications

Population health preventative measures drastically reduce cost-per-patient while increasing quality of life, however; many organizations find themselves metaphorically navigating the ocean with a single oar, stagnant in progress on actionable compliance outcomes while HEDIS™ and the need for risk improvements looms. Some feel capped on outcomes or too small to make a difference. A National Colorectal Cancer Round-table initiative objective is for 80% of adults aged 50 and older be regularly screened for colorectal cancer by 2018. Even for organizations with well defined in-reach procedures, many patients ages 50 to 60 only see a doctor when they are ill, limiting the reach of these procedures.

"With 1 in 40 exhibiting markers for CRC, providers and health plans have been highly motivated to explore best practices for CRC FIT Outreach Communications in supporting of increasing outcomes effectiveness," says Valerie Cobb, VP Business Development - ABG Communications. "While Industry results for Outreach compliance to screening rates for these programs frequently average 17%, what value would there be to your organization to increase this rate? We have received numerous requests at ABG Communications regarding existing best practice use cases that move this needle."

ABG has responded to these requests by forming a new webinar series addressing:

1.     Best communications practice use case for CRC Outreach achieving 50% screening rates

2.     Techniques used supporting continuous improvement in effectiveness

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About ABG Communications

ABG has a comprehensive turnkey execution platform for Patient Outreach program execution. Over 35 years in healthcare and 10 years in outreach communications support, ABG manages use cases for CRC patient self-test kit fulfillment, condition-specific targeted letters such as overdue labs, hypertension, diabetes control and many more. We support a variety of clinical letters including retrospective drug utilization reviews, member/prescriber letters and formulary change letters and deliver this platform with our enterprise SaaS workflow tool BridgeSuite™ which automates the intake of data, management of the program and online archival access to fulfillments to members. Although clients enjoy ABGs' full print production and mail engineering facility, ABG is skilled with multimodal integration, unlocking the potential of deploying digital document delivery methods. We can yield compelling ROI in postage savings and the ability to connect key documents into the EHR and patient-facing web portals.

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