ABG Communications/BluePeak Advisors Webinar: Medicare, the Cost of Non-Compliance

Planning for 2018 key compliance projects is already top of mind. And CMS’ focus on plan oversight of their FDRs continues.

ABG Communications attended the 2nd Annual Medicare Compliance Boot Camp in January. Of interest, a former CMS auditor spoke on maintaining compliance for marketing materials. Spirited discussion followed over the management and fulfillment of correct Section 1557 taglines, preservation of version control, integrity and avoidance of waste triggered by incorrect information errors, associated with items such as ANOCs, when the cost and postage of a kit can run $10-$20 each.

CMS audits are on the rise and some of the statistics are staggering. With the average CMP around $750K and over 46 percent of sponsors subject to a 2016 Program Audit received a Civil Money Penalty, the cost of non-compliance is mounting.

At that same conference and of far greater concern was the discussion of the risk of reputation loss for reducing a Star and/or the revenue loss from all of those members. Should CMS decertify a plan, one plan with 26,000 Medicare members calculated their revenue loss at $14 million.

Getting ahead of the curve is often challenging and is why Dan Ablett (President, ABG Communications) and Michelle Rigby (BluePeak Advisors) have combined efforts to provide a webinar that will cover the cost of non-compliance and partnering with your FDRs for success.

At the webinar, Dan and Michelle will cover 10 actionable ideas to take away to bring about positive changes to Medicare compliance and member communications programs ahead of the next coverage year.

Source: ABG Communications