ABG 100% Compliant on Critical Plan Renewals!

ABG Communications, a technology-enabled services provider of healthcare communications & fulfillment solutions, achieved 100% compliance for CY 2017 Member renewal kit fulfillment for a major California health plan.

The health plan representative stated that it was the highest delivery compliance rate it has achieved on this project in the past three years and that ABG’s team was a big part of this success.

Dan Ablett, President and COO of ABG Communications states, “During a time where health plans struggle with ANOCs and Q4 fulfillment efforts, this is a fantastic achievement and we are very grateful to be a part of engineering this success. Compliant kit delivery is always a pain point for health plans and our technology/QA teams are continually researching and developing cutting edge ways to ease the pain and achieve success.”

To give a frame of reference for this, for just this one health plan over a half million kits were shipped, containing over 15 million pages. This was completed in just under 8 weeks.

CMS fines in 2015 for non-compliant ANOC delivery alone amassed an averaged $760,888 per plan1. ABG has found there is a critical need for experts in production fulfillment of these vital government- regulated communications.

“ABG’s BridgeSuite™ online centralized platform was developed primarily from conducting peer studies and feedback from innovators in the Payer, Provider, PBM, Data Processer, and Clinical Labs space,” said Valerie Cobb Vice President of Business Development. “All are industries we serve and want to offer relevant and cutting-edge processes to reduce cost, increase revenue, mitigate risk and good old fashioned make-their-lives easier. At the end of the day, it is empowering those industries with exceptional tools that allow them to focus on what is most important and what they are trying to accomplish foremost quality of care and saving lives. Isn’t that what we all want? I want a Cardiologist to assist me if I have developed a heart condition. Asking a cardiologist to fix my car would firstly, be adverse to my car’s condition but secondly, a real waste of their time.”

BridgeSuite™ services manages multi-modal patient/member delivery for communications such as:

  • Member Outreach Campaigns
  • Self-Administered Test Kit Fulfillment
  • Member Satisfaction Surveys
  • Medication Therapy Management Communications
  • Clinical Letters
  • Pharmacy Adherence, Drug Recall
  • Medicare Part B, C and D Member Communications
  • EOB’s, IDN’s, Transition Letters, DMR’s, etc.
  • ID Cards
  • Commercial Plan Communications
  • Data-driven Directories, Formularies
  • Member Plan Information Kits
  • Annual Notice of Change / Evidence Of Coverage (ANOC/EOC)

Member fulfillment data is automatically uploaded to Plan computers using API’s for call center and patient portal utilizations.

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About ABG Communications

Innovators in workflow print/e-Presentment healthcare fulfillment efficiency for over 55 years, ABG understands healthcare’s communication challenges and is constantly evolving to exceed those needs. Known as a thought leader, ABG Communications brings sanity to even the toughest patient/member communications by innovating technological workflows backed by award winning service. Service plus technology with a CHOICE is a refreshing change. The analytical cycle is not complete without patient/member multimodal delivery of vital communications. Recently launched as ABG’s next generation workflow tool, BridgeSuite, is an answer to industry based focus group thought leadership. A single centralized tool combined with a state of the art high-speed print, e-Presentment, bounce-to-print and mail fulfillment production facility. Shared with BridgeSuite, ABG’s inventive solutions team design and consult to help organizations manage their essential member and customer communications by implementing unique revolutionary cost-savings while improving outcomes. Data Driven, People Powered and Service with a Choice.

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1. "Enforcement Actions Imposed on Medicare Plans Skyrocketed in 2015.” Visante Website, April 2016, http://visanteinc.com/2016/04/enforcement-actions-imposed-on-medicare-plans-skyrocketed-in-2015, accessed November 29th, 2016.

Source: ABG Communications


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